Napoleons Casinos in the United Kingdom

Napoleons Casinos located in the United Kingdom provide regular cash poker games and tournaments. Membership is required for entry into the casino. Tournaments are available for league events, ladies night and bounty tournaments awarding prizes for players who knock out managers.

Napoleons Casino Locations

Below you will find a complete listing of Napoleons Casino locations within the United Kindom. The list includes addresses, contact information and in some cases tournament schedules and information pertaining to cash games if poker games are available. All casinos listed with (T) include tournament/game information.

Napoleons Casino Sheffield-Owlerton

Napoleons Casino Sheffield-Owlerton offers daily cash games with dealer choice and Texas Holdem. Dealers are available for hire and memberships are required before entry. Tournaments are held on a regular basis with events published on the casino website. Al tournaments start at 9 pm unless otherwise stated.

Napoleons Casino Sheffield-Owlerton Location
17 Livesey Street
S6 2BL
T: 0114 285 5566

Napoleons Casino Sheffield Owlerton Tournaments

Monday - £15 No Limit Texas Holdem Triple Chance. Guaranteed tournament with £1500 prize pool and minimum of 40 players. 2 re-buys available. Special £100 for the player who knocks out the manager.
Wednesday - £40 No Limit Freezeout
Thursday - Thursday Poker Tournament with a £10 buy-in and re-buys.
Sunday - Sunday Poker Tournament with a £10 buy-in and re-buys. Tournament starts at 5pm. View All Locations

Napoleons Casino Sheffield - Ecclesall Road

Napoleons Casino Sheffield - Ecclesall Road features weekly freezeouts, a bounty tournament with bonus prize for players knocking out the manager and daily cash games. All of the games are self dealt unless a dealer is required and membership must be obtained first before players will be able to enter the casino.

Napoleons Casino Sheffield - Ecclesall Road Location
844 Ecclesall Road, Sheffield,
S11 8TD
T: 0114 266 1115

Napoleons Casino Sheffield - Ecclesall Road Tournaments
Wednesday - £10 Freezeout with a £150 cash bounty for the player who knocks out the manager.
Thursday - £5 + 50p freezeout. Tournament is self dealt
Friday - £50+£5 Unlimited Re-buy with a £4000 guaranteed prize pool and minimum of 35 players. View All Locations

Napoleons Casino – Leeds

NapoleonCasino – Leeds hosts weekly events including a monthly Ladies poker night. All of the casino tournament starts at 9 pm unless otherwise stated and dealers are on site to deal including cash games. Cash game schedules are available by contacting the casino directly. Maximum of 60 players per event.

Napoleons Casino – Leeds Location
Westport Centre, West Street,
Leeds, LS3 1LX
T: 0113 244 5393

Napoleons Casino – Leeds Tournaments
Thursday – Thursday Night Poker Tournament with a £20 buy-in and includes re-buys.
Friday – Pot Limit tournament with a £10 buy-in and two hour re-buy period. Max 60 players View All Locations

Napoleons Casino Hull

Napoleons Casino supports cash games and tournaments. Most of the events are played in No Limit or Pot Limit with majority of them offering re-buys. Casino Dealers are available for cash games except Monday, Thursday and Saturday.

Napoleons Casino Hull Location
193-203 George Street
T: 01482 221133

Napoleons Casino Hull Tournaments
Monday – First Monday of each month is Ladies Night which includes a £5 Pot limit tournament with re-buys.
Tuesday - £20 No limit tournament with unlimited re-buys.
Thursday - £5 Self Dealt tournament with unlimited re-buys
Friday – Last Friday of each month is a £30 No Limit re-buy tournament.
Sunday – Sunday Tournament with a £10 buy-in + re-buys. View All Locations

Other Napoleons Locations and Contact Information

*Note - At the time of this review, the locations below did not offer a tournament schedule that was publicly available. You will need to contact the casino directly for information regarding cash games and/or tournaments.*

Napoleons Casino Bradford

37 Bolton Road
Bradford, England BD1 4DR
United Kingdom
T: +44 1274-391820

Napoleons Casino London

Queens House
1 Leicester Square
London, England WC2H 7RN
United Kingdom
T:+44 20-7494-3126