Poker Strategies - Texas Hold'em, Omaha and Stud Articles, Hints & Tips

Playing poker isn't just about finding the right poker room that fits your needs. It's about winning and learning to become a better player. The majority of players you see online are in fact losing players. Reality is that many are either inexperienced and don't know how to better themselves or they are luck boxes, who don't think they need to get better. No matter what stage of the game you're at, there is always room for improvement. This is why we've created a section specifically for beginners who want to learn more about playing winning poker and how to better their game.
Below you will find a number of poker strategy articles that should help you in different situations including how to calculate pot odds, implied odds, and using the strategies to better your game. While our information is here to help beginners, players should realize that these poker strategies are not set in stone. Every game calls for a different strategy because the game has changed from the one before - its entirely situational and you should adapt your game with it.

Abandoned Pots
Picture a relatively soft game, there’s a few callers before the flop in this situation often times 4/5, not a lot of interest, perhaps a small raise, with callers. When the flop comes, it appears that everyone is doing something else, or at the very least, not real interested in this poker game anymore.

Fold The Feeler
One of the worst things a tournament poker player can do is hold onto a hand after that their not likely to win, letting chips slip into the pot that will bring back no positive return.

If All Else Fails, Count On Your Fingers
I watched this particularly strategic bluff pulled off in person by Rebecca Rosales, a pretty great up and comer in the poker world, Rebecca plays poker at home tournaments, as well as underground poker rooms and casinos in Oregon when she’s not pulling off bluff’s like this one at the tables in Vegas.

Texas Hold'em Tips
Texas Hold’em is currently the most popular poker variant in the world, and thus generally the first game today’s newer generation of poker players learn. The difference between whether that player enjoys the game for its complex entertainment, or as a profitable venture, however, comes down to what, if any, poker strategy that player employs.

Playing King In Early Position
When you look at your freshly dealt Hole Cards and find a King High in the mix, it is often mistaken as a good thing. The fact is, without Pocket Kings or suited K-Q, many players over-value a King High in the Hole.

The Art of Bluffing
The art of Bluffing truly is an art when it comes to playing poker. Any good poker strategy should involve some level of Bluffing. The “Art” of Bluffing is attained when a player knows exactly how and when to pull it off.

Adding Value To The Pot
If you’ve read our previous article entitle “Poker Strategy – Pot Odds”, you should have enough knowledge to advance to ‘Adding Value to the Pot’. In its most basic description, this is done by determining the Pot Odds, thereby knowing when to increase the pot size for added value.

Aces On The Button
Pocket Aces are by far the best Starting Hand in Texas Hold’em, often the cause of fluttering heartbeats and rejuvenation of a poker player’s emotional state. Any veteran of the game would hide this reaction well, but it’s more difficult to subdue.

Omaha Poker Strategy
A winning Omaha Poker Strategy is very different from a Texas Hold’em poker strategy. The two most distinct variables are that you have 4 Hole Cards, not just two, and that most players will go on to see the Flop rather than Folding.