UK Circus Casinos

Circus Casinos are located throughout the UK with more than a dozen different locations. This page provides information on a handful of the casinos which offer regular tournaments and daily cash games. Cash games are dealer dealt, unless requested. Information about Circus Casinos is available below and includes current tournament schedules for as well as contact and location information.

Circus Casino Locations

Circus Casino Liverpool

Circus Casino Liverpool hosts weekly cash games and tournaments. Rake in cash games is 5% up to £10 and most tournaments start around 8pm unless otherwise stated.

Circus Liverpool Casino Location
Queen Square
L1 1RH
T: +44 (0) 151 702 7610

Circus Liverpool Tournaments
Tuesday – Double Chance Freezeout with a £30 buy-in. Tournament starts at 8:30 pm with registration open till 8:15pm.
Sunday through Wednesday – Free Texas Holdem competition. Sunday tournaments start at 6:30 pm while all other nights begin at 8:30pm
Sunday – Semi-Freezeout with a £30 buy-in and one add-on or re-buy.
Monday – Double Chance Freezeout with a £30 buy-in.
Wednesday – Semi-Freezeout with a £30 buy-in and one re-buy or add-on

Circus Casino Blackpool

Circus Casino Blackpool offers dealer dealt games daily except for Thursdays and tournaments scheduled daily including guarantees and re-buys.

Circus Casino Blackpool Location
64 Queens Promenade
T: +44 (0)1253 352628

Circus Blackpool Tournaments
Wednesday – Bounty tournament with a £25 buy-in and one re-buy. £5 bounty. Tournament begins at 8:15pm
Thursday – Pot limit re-buy with a £5 buy-in and no tournament fees. Tournament begins at 8:15pm
Friday - Double Chance Freezeout with a £30 buy-in. Tournament starts at 8:15pm
Saturday- Deepstack Freezeout with a £20 buy-in. Tournament begins at 8:15pm

Circus Casino Stoke

Circus Casino Stoke offers a full range of cash games and tournaments with dealer choice cash games on hand every Tuesday at 6pm. Hourly charge of £5 for dealers on Sunday after 9pm. All Texas Holdem cash games have a 5% rake capped at £5 per hand. Omaha tables are available; however you’ll need to contact Circus Casino Stoke to request. All tournaments start at 9pm unless otherwise stated and late registration will run till 9:15pm.

Circus Casino Stoke Location
Etruria Road
Stoke on Trent
T: +44 (0) 1782 213499

Circus Casino Stoke Tournaments and Cash Games
Please contact the casino for current cash game schedule
Monday - £10 Freezeout with no registration fee
Tuesday - £20 Freezeout with no registration fee
Wednesday - £20 freezeout with £5 going towards scalps (bounty). One re-buy per hour.
Thursday - £25 Freezeout  with registration fee and added money.
Friday - £15 Semi -freezeout with 1 re-buy and 1 add-on
Saturday - £20 Freezeout. Prize is total number of buyins with an 8pm start time.
Sunday - £40 triple chance freezeout with an 8pm start time and £200 money added,  except for the 1st Sunday of each month where start time is 4pm with £100 Freezeout with £1500 added prize money

Circus Casino Birmingham Star City

Circus Casino Birmingham Star City has a full spread of tournaments available nightly on top of daily cash games, cash games available on request and a comp program for regular players. Free snacks are offered nightly during tournaments and any game with £20 and £10 buy-in with re-buy supports a double chip on top up.

Circus Casino Birmingham Star City Location
Watson Road
B7 5SA
T: +44 (0) 121 327 8008

Circus Casino Birmingham Star City Casino Cash Games
Please contact the casino using the phone number above for their current cash game schedule.

Circus Casino Birmingham Star City Casino Tournaments
Monday - £20 Double Entry with a  £10 re-buy during the first  90 minutes of the game.
Tuesday - £20 Deep Stack Speed Freezeout.
Wednesday - £10 Re-buy  Double with a guaranteed 30 players.
Wednesday – Satellite to monthly £100 Freezeout held on the 1st Saturday of each month. Tournament guarantees 45 players and a £2000 prize pool
Thursday -£30 Freezeout with a £10 Scalp (bounty)
Friday - Freeroll with £10 Re-buy. Tournament guarantees 45 players with a £1500 prize pool.
Saturday - £20 re-buy with one optional Re-buy or add-on.
Sunday - £20 Re-buy with a £3000 guaranteed prize pool and minimum of 45 players
Sunday – Satellite to monthly £100 Freezeout
1st Sunday of each month - £100 Freeze Out.

Circus Casino Manchester

The Manchester Circus Casino is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and offers free parking and Valet service from 8pm on. In addition to poker tournaments, players can hire a dealer for their games and all cash games are subject to demand. Cash games are normally available on Friday and Saturdays from 12am on with 50p/£1 blinds, £20 min sit down, £200 max sitdown. A poker league is available and tournaments begin at 9pm.  Below is a current tournament schedule for Circus Casino Manchester.

Circus Casino Manchester Contact / Address
110 Portland Street
M1 4RL
T: +44 (0) 161 228 0077

Circus Casino Manchester Tournament Schedule
Tuesday - £20 Texas Hold'em Rebuy Tournaments. Players will also receive a free £20 chip towards the Roulette tables.
Thursday - £10 Freezeout tournament

Circus Casino Luton

Circus Casino London is open daily from 2pm until 4 am. The casino offers weekly poker tournaments in addition to cash games and a house league available for all skill levels. Registration for all tournaments will begin one and a half hours before game time, with most events opening up for registration at 7pm. Poker tournaments are in Texas Hold'em only with re-buy, bounty, deep-stack, mid-stack and regular events available. Deep-stack tournaments will start with 10,000 chips, where as mid-stack starts at 8,000.

Circus Casino Luton Contact / Address
Skimpot Road
T: +44 (0) 1582 591148

Circus Casino Luton Poker Tournaments
Tuesday - £25 No Limit Hold'em Deep-Stack Turbo Freezeout plus £5 Bounty tournament
Thursday - £30 No Limit Hold'em Freezeout tournament
Saturday - £40 No Limit Hold'em Mid-Stack tournament
Sunday - Freeroll with 1500 chip to start and £10 re-buys during the first 70 minutes of the game. Add-ons are available and the tournament guarantees £1000 prize pool when 21 or more players register.

Circus Casino Edinburgh

The Edinburgh Circus Casino opens at 12 noon daily until 6 am, with the restaurant available from 6pm - 3am and a bar available from open to close. Tournaments are scheduled 7 days a week, and include deep stack events, freerolls, re-buys, etc. Cash games are on hand with dealers dealing or players. Players can request private events and dealers are available for hire. Below is the contact information for the Circus Casino Edinburgh as well as the current tournament schedule. All tournaments start at 8pm, with registration available one hour prior to game time.

Circus Casino Edinburgh Contact / Address
124 Dundee Street
EH11 1AF
T: +44 (0) 131 228 4446

Circus Casino Edinburgh Tournament Schedule
Monday - £30 NL Hold'em Freeroll with 1 x £30 Re-Buy and/or 1 Add-on . This event has a £1000 added to the prize pool when 40 or more players register. Minimum of £500 is added with 30 or less buy-ins.
Tuesday - £20 NL Hold'em  Freezeout with a £5 bounty. The bounty is a match bounty which means each player eliminated from the tournament has a scalp worth £10.
Wednesday - £20 NL Hold'em with 1 Re-buy or Add-on. Receive an extra 1500 chips when registering early.
Thursday -  £20 NL Hold'em tournament with a  £10 bounty.
Friday - £20 NL Hold'Em Freeroll with £500 added when at least 30 players register. Tournament includes 1 x £20 re-buy or add-on and an early bird chip bonus of 1500 chips.
Saturday - £30 NL Hold'em Double Chance Freezeout
Sunday - £30 NL Hold'em Double Chance Freeze out with a 4pm start time.  

Circus Casino NewCastle

The NewCastle Circus Casino is open 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. Membership to the casino is free and entry requires players to be at least 21 years of age or older. The casino offers a brand new poker league available for all skill levels in addition to regular poker tournaments and cash games. Below is contact information and location of the NewCastle casino in addition to a current tournament schedule. Private tournament packages are available on request and dealers deal most games. Tournaments begin at 8pm nightly, except for Friday nights when the tournaments are scheduled for 9pm. Registration opens one hour before game time.

Circus Casino NewCastle Address / Contact
Forth Street
Newcastle Upon Tyne
T: +44 (0) 191 232 0900

Circus Casino NewCastle Tournament Schedule
Monday - £20 Freezeout (£50 added cash bounty whereby players need to beat the dealer to win the bounty).
Tuesday - £20 with 1 re-buy or add-on.
Wednesday - £20 Double Chance Freezeout. In addition to the prize pool, the winner of this tournament receives a free entry to the Tuesday £50 Freezeout
Thursday - £25 Wildcard Freezeout and includes a £5 cash bounty.
Friday - £15 with one re-buy and/or add on.
Saturday - £10 Re-buy tournament with unlimited re-buys available during the first 90 minutes of the game.  
Sunday - £20 with one re-buy and/or add-on.
1st Tuesday of the month - £50 Freezeout with £500 added to the prize pool.
2nd  Saturday of the month - £75 Freezeout with £500 added to the prize pool.

Circus Casino Margate

The Margate Circus Casino is open 7 days a week from 6pm till 6am. The casino offers cash games and poker tournaments with a 5% rake up to £5 or a 10% free charged for entry fees. A 50% discount will be given to all poker players who order a bar meal while entered into a tournament or playing a cash game.

Circus Casino Margate Contact / Address
Zion Place
T: 01843 225248

Circus Casino Margate Tournament Schedule
Wednesday - £30 Double Chance Freezeout
Saturday - £30 Double Chance Freezeout plus £10 Bounty
1st Saturday of the Month - 50 Double Chance Freezeout