Fundamental Skills in No Limit Texas Hold’em

  • Mental awareness to select the right table
  • Understanding starting hand requirements and position
  • Patience to only move on with Premium Starting Hands
  • Discipline to Fold Second Best Hands
  • Intuitiveness to read your opponents
  • Restraint to prevent going on Tilt
  • Courage to be aggressive; to bet/raise on Draw Hands and apparent Best Hands

No Limit Texas Hold’em Advice, Top 5 Tips

  1. Table Selection: The table you choose directly impacts your profitability. You’ll want a few weak players seated, and a large enough bankroll to outlast the strong ones, and the inevitable slumps in starting hands.
  2. Starting Hand Selection: Be extremely careful of your starting hand selection in regards to position. You should only see about 20%-30% of the Flops. From Early Position, Fold A-J or lower; Middle Position, Fold K-T or lower; Late Position, fold Q-T or lower.
  3. Play the Players: Any good Texas Hold’em strategy requires playing the players, not just the cards. This mean you need to observe your opponents relentlessly, discovering their weak points and common behavioral patterns in order to exploit them further into the game.
  4. Avoid Calling: In a tight/aggressive poker strategy, one should either Fold a weak hand or Bet/Raise a strong hand. There is hardly ever a reason to simply Call, unless you are trying to trap an opponent.
  5. Respect the Chips: In NL Texas Hold’em, strong players rarely bluff on the Turn/River. When large bets/raises come down, give them the respect they deserve by Folding second best hands. Learn how and when to bluff in poker.

No Limit Texas Hold’em, Top 5 Common Mistakes

Below are the top 5 most common mistakes made by inexperienced No Limit Texas Hold’em players.

  1. Playing too many Flops
  2. Calling with a weak hand
  3. Calling with second best and losing it all
  4. Neglecting to raise pre-flop with a premium staring hand
  5. Over-betting and under-betting the pot (risking too much to win a small stack; leaving your hand vulnerable by betting too low)