Doyle "Texas Dolly" Bruson Bio

Doyle Brunson is without argument one of the poker greats. He’s an old school poker player from way back. Doyle’s life is full of achievements that impressed and bedazzled the poker world.

Doyle Brunson, who was born in Longworth Texas, hence the name “Texas Dolly”, is the author of what is acclaimed by many to be the best poker book in print today, Doyle Brunson’s “Super System”. He followed that book up several years later with Super System two.

Doyle has raised and offered two of his offspring up to the poker arena, both Todd and Pamela Brunson who are now considered to be respected poker players on their own merit.

Doyle Brunson is currently tied for the most ever World Series of Poker bracelet wins with Johnny Chan and Phil Helmuth.

So how did this poker great come to be a poker player in the first place? Doyle didn’t set out to be a pro poker player, in fact, Doyle had aspirations of becoming a professional athlete until a knee injury in college ended any future possibility in that realm.

It was there; on a college campus that Brunson who earned his MBA at Hardin-Simmons University began playing poker for real money. Seems he did okay.

Before too long Brunson was playing poker full time with other big names in the poker world, Amarillo Slim, Sailor Roberts.