Marcel "the Flying Dutchman" Luske

Marcel Luske, also known as "the Flying Dutchman" is one of the real gentlemen in the poker world. An amusing and entertaining poker player, oftentimes know for his tendency to break out in song during a game. He's also known for his astute attire, and his tendency to wear his shades upside down on his face during a game.

Luske began started out playing poker in market cafes in Amsterdam while was working a few misc. jobs in customs and a smattering of nightclubs. He's come a long way since those days; in fact, Luske has been named European Poker Player of the year twice to date, both in 2001 and again in 2004.

Following Luske's market card playing days, he went on to open a card room of his own. Luske began touring the European tournament circuit and he was a hit. Three tournament wins in a two week span and before you knew it, Luske was hearing his own name amidst the names of the people he himself considered to be the ‘poker greats’.

It didn’t take too long before Luske had quit his day jobs and become a full time poker player.  Since then, Marcel has won championship titles at the British Open, the Masters Classic of Poker and in 2003 he played in the first ever World Series of Poker main event tournament that included the use of hole card cameras, he made it down to the last two tables before finally busting out in 14th. Luske took down a $65,000.00 for his work in that tournament.

There’s an old saying that goes something like “Honey draws more bee’s than vinegar” Looks like the old adage rings true. Luske received several promotion opportunities as a direct result to his stingingly fun personality at the tables of WSOP.

The following year, Luske gave it another shot, making it to the final table this year. Luske finished in 10th place winning $373,000.00. Dan Harrington actually misread his hole cards during Luske’s final hand.