Eric Lynch - Rizen Biography

Eric Lynch who lives in Missouri with his wife and children graduated from college in 2000. His plan for life? To become an IT professional.

In May of 2006, the IT Professional entered and won the PokerStars Million, a tournament held by the online poker room every Sunday. The winner of the tournament is guaranteed a win of no less than 200k. Now there’s a life changing moment.

With a 200,000k payday under his belt, Rizen (who garnered the nickname Rizen from his earlier online gaming days playing RPG’s and other popular web based games.) became a pro poker player, and that was that.

Rizen turned to live tournaments and pulled off a 24th place finish in the World Series of Poker Main event of 2006, taking home $494,797.00 for his efforts.  In 2007 he went on to finish in 7th place in the $1,500 World Series of Pot Limit Hold’em and 2nd in the Pot Limit Omaha (PLO) event, among other strong finishes.

For the most part however, Rizen is an online poker player, and can be found playing on at PokerStars under his screen name “Rizen”.  Overtime however Rizen has followed a new trend among high stakes poker players (Such as Tom “Durrr” Dwan) and has begun to play more Omaha than Holdem.
When it comes to online poker play, Rizen can hold it down, but the man is a moneymaker, and he didn’t stop there. In 2008, Lynch joined by other big names in the poker world (Such as Jon “Pearl Jammer” Turner and Jon “Apestyles” Van Fleet together authored a book that is considered by many to be the just the first volume in what will eventually become a complete series “Winning Poker Tournaments One Hand at a Time”.