Poker Sites Accepting MoneyGram Deposits

MoneyGram is a competitor to Western Union, therefore the deposits to your poker room account from them is quite similar, only MoneyGram tends to be more widely accepted by poker sites.

To make a deposit to your favourite online poker room via MoneyGram join one of the MoneyGram poker sites listed below and create a new account. You can than click your way to the cashier and look for the MoneyGram logo and complete the sending instructions.

In many cases you will need to call or email the casino for specific instructions. Two of the most pertinent pieces of information for making a MoneyGram deposit to your online poker account are the receivers name and the destination city. It's very important that you copy this information down as provided to you, otherwise your MoneyGram poker deposit may take a bit longer than expected.

Once you’ve received the information from the online poker room you’ll need to head to your local money gram payment center to initiate the deposit to your poker account. MoneyGram is very easy to use. The dealer will ask you to fill out a form, similar to what you would do with Western Union, and once the form is complete and payment has been received, MoneyGram will then transfer the funds to the poker room. The entire process shouldn't take more than an hour or two before your funds are received by the poker site.

United States poker players can send monies directly from the internet to the poker room of their choice by visiting the MoneyGram website and using MoneyGram eMoney Transfer ( Sending money to a poker site using MoneyGram will incur a user fee. This must be paid before the funds are sent. That said most MoneyGram poker sites will pay the fees for you, should you use MoneyGram for withdrawals.

MoneyGram Poker Sites

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