900Pay Poker Sites - Poker Rooms Accepting 900 Pay Deposits

900Pay offers a pretty unique method for depositing to online poker rooms, a method which is executed without the use of a financial institution and therefore likely UIGEA compliant.

Using 900Pay is fairly easy and straightforward. Unlike other poker deposit methods, the 900Pay payment option bills your deposit to your monthly telephone bill, which means you don't need to have a credit card to deposit to an online poker or casino room, and you don't need to fund any account first before the deposit is made.

Poker players looking to deposit to their poker accounts via 900Pay would first need to sign up for an account with ewalletXpress a well-known online eWallet.  Once you've created a new account you will be given a phone number to call that will allow you to deposit to a poker site using 900Pay and have the deposit billed to your phone bill. During the initial call you'll be asked for the amount of the deposit, security information which will then be followed up with confirmation of your payment. When you hear the chimes you can end the call and the funds will be transferred to your player account.

Using 900Pay to deposit to a poker site is limited compared to the other methods available. Players who deposit to a poker room with 900Pay will be allowed to charge up to $150 per calendar month to their phone bill. The funds charged to your bill are forwarded to 900Pay merchant members. This is normally done instantly which means you can login to the poker room, select ewalletxpress and deposit immediately. A benefit to using this method is primarily the lack of credit card needed to make the deposit but you'll also be able to withdraw your funds from the poker room to your ewalletxpress account.

900Pay through eWalletXpress offers customer service via email, 24 hour telephone support, and live online chat that works much like an instant message program.